I use my training and skill to help clients achieve their objectives. Sometimes, the goal is simply winning a dispute. In other situations, early resolution may be desired. Or, sometimes a client just needs to know the options. Whatever the situation, success takes a smart, creative lawyer. Our job doesn’t stop at simply knowing the law. We have to be able to apply sometimes uncertain law to unique facts, and do it well. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and tackling my clients’ legal problems (and letting them get back to the rest of their lives).


I give clients common sense advice about the law, so they can make informed decisions. I have worked on both sides of disputes and can see the big picture. I am always in my client’s corner and will make sure the other side knows it. Still, the client should have all the important information — the good, the bad, and the ugly — because the client makes the important decisions.


I believe in two-way communication, and taking stock together at key stages of a case. Although each client is different, everyone who has to hire an attorney needs someone who listens to their needs and keeps them up-to-speed on important developments.


Every client is important and is treated as such, even though each client’s representation will differ based on their needs and resources. The type of billing arrangement (hourly, contingent, or flat fee) will depend on the nature of the representation. As with other aspects of the representation, communication is key. I will explain the structure from the outset and keep you informed and involved throughout the process.